Amy Robinson: An Update from Denmark

Hi Everyone,

A lot of things have happened this month!
I’ve managed to sprain my ankle, and since I walk/cycle everywhere this really isn’t ideal, prayers for quick healing for that would be wonderful so that I won’t have to worry about missing any more class because I can’t physically get there. 
On top of this, my purse was lost/stolen whilst I was travelling, meaning I’ve lost my Danish citizenship card (that’s really important here!), my health insurance card, and other generally important 'life' cards, like my bank card. 
I could really use your prayers in these aspects of my life; that I’ll not let the weight of these things overwhelm me as I try to keep going and sort them out by myself, and that’ll I’ll see every situation, be it good or bad, from the perspective of the cross.
I continue to pray for you guys, and I thank God for how blessed I am to have you! 

Thank you!