Prayer News 2016 September - Matty Guy


Welcome to my September prayer update. Thank you to everyone who’s been praying for me over the last month – it’s a real encouragement to know that there are people all over the country praying for what’s going on up here in St Andrews!

This last month has been truly wonderful and I’m very thankful. My time on staff kicked off back in August with Orientation. This was a brilliant week spent in sunny Oxfordshire with all the other new staff members. As well as some great teaching and practical training, it was such an encouragement to see how there’s no ‘mould’ to fit for being a ‘good Staff Worker’. All of us are completely different people, with different gifts, passions and footballing allegiances – yet we all have in common the life- changing grace of an amazing Saviour, and a desire to make Him known. Rather than playing the comparisons game and spending the conference thinking ‘I wish I was more like them...’, I found it to be a helpful week of mutual encouragement; we were able to spur one another on to be the people God  has made us to be, and each bring ourselves authentically to this role. As someone who naturally thinks I don’t have much to offer, this was a delightfully helpful way to begin life on staff!

Following closely after this, Forum was a great week in equally sunny Shropshire. My CU weren’t able to come, but I enjoyed some great teaching on what CUs are about: equipping students to share their faith on campus. 

I think I’m quite ready for another adventure...’
Bilbo Baggins 

Moving somewhere new is always a bit of an adventure, and it’s certainly felt like that over this last month. I’ve really been enjoying the new adventure of being a Staff Worker, and of living in St Andrews! This really is a lovely place to live; the pace of life is so different in a smaller town and being by the sea is, I think, genuinely good for the soul.

It’s also been a real joy to work with the CU. Since I arrived I’ve enjoyed my first SAUCU ceilidh, done two talks for the whole CU, an evangelistic talk for Explore (our follow-up course) and Bible studies for the hall group leaders. All of these things have been great opportunities and I’ve enjoyed them, but probably my biggest encouragement in September has been getting to know the CU members. I’ve had the privilege of meeting up with each of the CU committee members. 10 young people, 10 stories of how God has been at work to bring them to faith, 10 examples of a real desire to live for Jesus at uni and make him known. Working alongside these guys and the CU as a whole is a privilege and a delight – pray for them as they seek to share their faith and for me as I try to support them! 

Having some fun with the committee
So it begins...’
King Theoden

Since one Lord of the Rings quote clearly wasn’t enough! The last month has been wonderful and, in many ways, quite quiet – from now on things are going to get pretty busy. Coming up in October for SAUCU is CU goes to halls, an evening of events in halls of residence. I’ll be playing at an Acoustic Night and giving a short talk on how our deepest longings are met in Christ. This is followed by a lunchbar the next day – a talk entitled ‘Does God really care about sex?’ with a free lunch and a chance to ask questions.

General CU things in October include a Go Day (a training day for Scottish CUs), three supervision/team days at the end of the month and two days of twinning when I’ll be visiting JP Wright, the Staff Worker in Durham, to see how he approaches his job and learn more about what life on staff looks like.

All this on top of the day-to-day business of studying, preparing Bible studies and meeting students means it’s going to be busy, so please do be praying! 

Support raising

UCCF literally couldn’t exist without the generous support of financial supporters. Each Staff Worker aims to build up a team of support partners over their time on staff, who will commit to partnering in prayer and, if possible, through financial donations. I’ve been very thankful for the generosity people have shown so far; already God has been providing me with sacrificial people giving towards this ministry each month. If you haven’t already, I wonder if you’d consider partnering with me in this way. It costs around £27,000 to employ a full-time Staff Worker, and I am seeking to raise as much as possible towards this, to cover the cost of my employment and free up valuable resources to be used elsewhere in the ministry. This figure may seem quite high, but this includes my salary, training, and travel amongst other things. The most effective way of reaching this target is through many people committing to regular monthly giving. As little as £10.00 a month makes a very big difference!

If you feel able to commit to financial support or would like to chat more about it, please do get in touch with me! You can also give directly here:


Prayer Requests


Give thanks for:

  •  A great first month of training, new friendships, settling in well and many encouragements

Please pray for:

  •   Ongoing financial support raising
  •   The CU events this month – the lunchbar and the Acoustic Night. Pray I’d speak clearly at the acoustic night and that goo onversations would come of it
  •   A helpful day of teaching and training at the GO day
  •   Good time management in the midst of a busy month; pray I’d still be making time to do the important day-to-day jobs
  •   A healthy walk with the Lord in the midst of a busy month – it’s  easy to sacrifice personal devotional times when things ramp up!
  •   Good time with family and friends when I visit home for the  weekend for dad’s birthday
  •   Chances to meet people outside of the CU and church ‘bubble’ in St Andrews Wisdom in choosing a church to settle into in St Andrews 

Matty Guy

Matty is from Northern Ireland, but has moved around Britain quite a lot since leaving for Uni.

It was during his time at Newcastle University that Matty really learned the importance of evangelism, and started to get enthusiastic about seeing students reached with the gospel, and he’s praying for lots of opportunities to see this happening in St. Andrew’s.

Matty loves writing poems, reading books and listening to an eclectic musical collection comprising everything from Busted to Bruce Springsteen. He's also a big Newcastle United fan, though that's not been a huge source of joy recently.

Matty will be working with the University of St Andrew's CU to help further their mission in the Gospel.