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The sun is shining; the days are longer and Newcastle United are back in the Premier League - it’s been a joyful time to be the Staff Worker in St Andrews since my last prayer letter. As I mentioned in my March-April news, it’s been a much quieter time. The biggest work event of the last while was the Starlight Ball, which I spoke at back in April. This was a great evening hosted by the CU, seeing around 185 students attending a champagne reception, three course dinner and an evening of dancing. I shared some reflections on Psalm 8, trying to get people to see that gazing at the stars, whether it fills them with a sense of cosmic insignificance or divine inspiration, should point them to the fundamental truth of Christianity; that the God who set the stars in place has made Himself known to us. It was a really well run event and a great way to cap off a year of corporate CU mission. I was able to have a lengthy chat with ‘T’ after the talk. When I met him during a freshers’ week event he was an avowed atheist, but having met with a CU member all year, he would now call himself agnostic. Pray that as he continues to ask big questions he’d trust in Jesus! 

It was also a joy and privilege this month to see several CU members baptised in ceremonies performed on the beach by their local churches. Three of these students are on the CU Committee, so it was a particular joy to hear them speak publicly of God’s redeeming work in their lives! 

T2, a training conference at the start of the month, was a wonderful time of catching up with fellow first year Staff Workers, as well as a helpful few days of training on how to supervise Relay Workers (see overleaf). So there has been much cause for rejoicing this month! Not least because, as this first year in St Andrews draws to a close, I’ve been able to reflect on all God has done both in me and through the CU. I’ve made good friends here in St Andrews and feel so fortunate to be able to work in this beautiful place. 

Committee members at Kim and Rachel’s (front, centre) baptism 



A lot of Staff Workers take on the role of supervising a Relay Worker in their second year on the job. ‘Relay’ is UCCF’s discipleship training programme for graduates. Over 10 months Relay Workers are equipped through study, training conferences and supervision from a Staff Worker and placed in a CU, using what they’re learning to help students in their mission. As a former Relay Worker I’ve known first hand how helpful this programme is, so I’m A particularly excited to have two Relay Workers joining me here in St Andrews in September! Andrew Barclay and Abi Zabala are currently finishing their studies at Glasgow University and Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge respectively. I’m sure that having them here will be a great blessing both to me personally and the CU. Please do pray for them as they finish off in Glasgow and Cambridge and start to get all the practical details of moving to St Andrews sorted out. 

Abi Zabala

Abi Zabala

Andrew Barclay

Andrew Barclay


One of the biggest joys this month was hearing about three girls who have become Christians this term! ‘L’, ‘K’ and “S” all came to events at Story, our February mission week. ‘K’ made a profession of faith during the final event on the Friday night, the other two girls have been attending Explore, our weekly follow-up course, and have, over the course of the term, come to put their trust in Jesus. Praise God for His work in their lives, especially through the CU friends who’ve been having conversations and who are inviting these girls to events through the year. As they get plugged into churches both here and at home, pray that the Lord sustains them and keeps them walking with Him. 

Starlight Ball to Finish the term with SACCU

Prayer Points

Give thanks for: 

  • Good attendance and good conversations at Starlight Ball
  • All the CU students who were baptised this month
  • A generally encouraging year settling in to life in St Andrews and making friends
  • Three students becoming Christians

Please pray for:

  • Servants of the Word Conference
  • Energy and a good work ethic during a quiet period
  •  CU students to use their summers well
  •  God to sustain new Christians away from St Andrews over the summer



Matty Guy

Matty is from Northern Ireland, but has moved around Britain quite a lot since leaving for Uni.

It was during his time at Newcastle University that Matty really learned the importance of evangelism, and started to get enthusiastic about seeing students reached with the gospel, and he’s praying for lots of opportunities to see this happening in St. Andrew’s.

Matty loves writing poems, reading books and listening to an eclectic musical collection comprising everything from Busted to Bruce Springsteen. He's also a big Newcastle United fan, though that's not been a huge source of joy recently.

Matty will be working with the University of St Andrew's CU to help further their mission in the Gospel.