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Hi, everyone!!

As a lot of you may know, next year I have decided to take a gap year. And as part of this, on the 20th August, I will be going to Paraguay, to a town called Concepción for 5 months. 

Who with?

I am going through the organisation SAMS (South America Mission Society) I get to travel out with another girl called Melissa. And While we are out there we will be working alongside Claire Holmes, who has now served in Paraguay for 14 years. 


I wanted to take a gap year just to serve God in whatever way I can and also to grow deeper in my faith. I really wanted to try and get out of my comfort zone, so I considered going away somewhere. And Since then God has put some amazing people in my life, who introduced me to Paraguay. Looking back I can already see how God has been in control and I'm so thankful for how everything has worked out. 

What will we be doing?

While we are there we will be working alongside Claire and the church and will be involved with lots of kids and youth work. 
The main church is in the centre of Concepción. Claire has planted Kids Clubs in 4 parts of Concepción (San Antonio, Villa Alta, Inmaculada and Ramonita) And also in Horqueta, a town 25 miles away. There is also another in the Chaco, this is where the indigenous people live and here we will get to work with people of all ages. 
At the kid's clubs; there will be lots of colouring, crafts, Bible Stories, songs and quizzes. Also, a lot of the children Claire started working with are now teenagers and they also have a youth programme.


This is what a typical week will look like...
•    MONDAY Day off. 
•    TUESDAY Planning meeting for kids work and Prayer Meeting/Bible Study in Ramonita and the centre. 
•    WEDNESDAY Kids Club in Inmaculada and Bible Study in Villa Alta. 
•    THURSDAY Kids Club and Youth meeting in Ramonita. 
•    FRIDAY Kids Club in Villa Alta and Youth meetings in Ramonita and Villa Alta. 
•    SATURDAY Morning- Kids Club in San Antonio. Afternoon -11-14 year old youth club in the centre and a Meeting with all ages in Horqueta. 
•    SUNDAY Morning - church. Afternoon - meeting in Chaco. Evening - youth group in the centre.

Also in December, we get to do Nativity Plays in each area which I am very excited about.

Paraguay is a very relational culture so building relationships with people will be a big part too and just show God's love in that way. 
Melissa and I will also be teaching a little English to some people from the church who want to learn. It is going to be a very busy few months, but I am very excited to see what God is going to do!!

Prayer points:

•Safety when travelling.
•That I would be able to get on well with Melissa, and we will be able to work well alongside Claire and others in Paraguay.
•It is going to be busy, so just that it won’t be too overwhelming and that as well as serving I will be able to spend time with God and continue growing that way. 
•Pray for Claire and the work the church is already doing. 
•That the language barrier, the heat and culture shock won’t be major issues. 
•Also that I won’t miss my friends and family too much, especially over Christmas. 
•And finally just that God will be in the centre of everything and ultimately he will be glorified. 

I am very very excited about going, but also a wee bit nervous. But knowing that there are so many people here praying for and supporting me, and also knowing that God is in control and will be with me makes everything a lot easier! 
So Thankyou all so so much!!
Rachel x 


Rachel Buchanan

Rachel is 20 and currentley serving in Paraguay with SAMS